June 16, 2018


Dec 1: Soft Launch

This is the first day this bottle of magic will be launched into the world.

It is a work in progress, and a passion project of mine that has been gestating for a year and a half.

I’ve decided to launch Vedic Smudge in time for the Holiday season.

There are three sizes to start:

4 oz  – Room spray $30.00

2 oz  – Personal spray $20.00

1/2 oz  – Travel size  $10.00

Also a sampler travel pack which comes with all three smudges  $30.00

You can also bundle the larger sizes for a wee discount.

Stay tuned for more!

About the Author

Passionate Mutipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shaman . Creator: Vedic Smudge