June 2, 2022


Hello Beautiful souls.

We recognize how important ritual and cleansing are during these times.

To support you at this time we are now offering FREE local delivery in Calgary.

Many of us are feeling more intensity OVERALL. Sensitive souls are tapping into the collective and processing not only our own emotions and experiences but, also that of friends’ family and the whole. It can come in the form of grief, anger, and frustration, feeling overwhelmed, helplessness. A common impact is difficulty falling asleep, dream time processing, and total exhaustion.

All of this can feel very challenging. And thankfully this is when smudging can be incredibly supportive. To create clarity and space. The instructions below can be used with burning herbs or Vedic Smudge.

My daily Smudging practices have ramped up during these times has been to start my day with Energize and Uplift ending with Ground and Calm often in my room at night.

And at least once a week I smudge my home space.

Smudging Instructions:

1. Open doors and windows (extra important if you are burning herbs)

2. Align with your intention to cleanse and clear. If you work with any allies or ancestors call them in to support the process.

3. Start by Smudging yourself

4. Then begin moving in a clockwise direction through each room in your home. If you have multiple floors I recommend starting with the main floor and then working your way down to the basement then up to the top floor. All the while either in your mind or out loud saying I cleanse and clear this space

5. To complete: take a moment to pause and send gratitude to allies and ancestors

5. Close windows and doors.

6. Celebrate you’re done!

Much love


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