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To Cleanse and Balance Your Soul and Space

A tool of empowerment for the empaths, sensitive souls, and those who take on the energy

 and emotion of others.

For you to connect to nature, ceremony and tradition.

Product Benefits

To Cleanse and Balance your Soul or Space


Organic traditional herbal blends curated to cleanse, clear, and collect.


Infused with ancient Ayurvedic principles, utilizing the Doshas and Gunas to balance the body and mind.


Re-Connect to your deep knowing, wisdom, truth, and lineage. 


Simplifying the complexities of ceremony and ritual, all in a bottle.

These delicious smudge sprays are a combination of traditional ceremonial herbs in the form of essential oils, married with the brilliance of Ayurvedic balancing.

They start with a base that combines traditional herbs used by ancient indigenous cultures to cleanse and clear. That base is then used in 3 different formulas, each designed to not only cleanse and clear, but also balance the three Doshas.

Vata: Grounding + Calming

Pita: Soothing + Cooling

Kapha: Energizing + Up-lifting

Each are lovingly crafted on the full moon with healing intentionality, sacred stones and rocky mountain spring water. They can be used daily, or during ceremony, as a fragrant room spray, or on your body. All organic, all vegan and created in small batches.

Created on the traditional territories of the people of Treaty 7.

Happy customers

Energetically Lighter

“It's like I’m having an energetic shower. I feel lighter after using it!”⁣

Clear at Work

"I use it at work to clear space before leading a meeting." ⁣

Happy KId

“My kid was so mad at his sister. Since he had seen me using the smudge, I thought I’d try it with him. Now anytime he starts to get frustrated with her, he asks for the spray!”

Yoga Teacher

"Your Vedic Spray is BONKERS! It really has helped me when I teach yoga, I clear the space, and then use it during Savasana with my students"

Choose the Best Product for You

Energize + Uplift

Great for the times you feel sluggish, slow and unmotivated. This blend is a benefit to anyone struggling to get motivated and can’t seem to get going.

Soothe + Cool

Great for the times you feel fiery, frustrated or angry. This blend is a benefit to anyone who is feeling that everything, or everyone is annoying.


Spiritual SUpport

What Are You Waiting For? 


rocky mountain Spring Water

A mineral rich water that is energetically alive and infused with earth energy and wisdom.  This water is collected right from a natural spring in the Rocky Mountains. 

Made On the Full Moon

Created in alignment with the releasing energy of the full moon, all batches are set out to bathe in the full moon light, further infusing each bath with its energy.

Gemstone Infused

Each bottle contains a Gemstone, unique to the intention of the blend.

Soothe+ Cool: Howlite, to create a clear and calming effect.

Ground + Calm : Aventurine, to support a sense of balance and calm.

Energy + Uplift: Gold Stone, to release stuck tension and celebrate the beauty of being alive.

Colour/Chakra and Symbol Alignment

Each blend takes on the colour by which its chakra it aligns with and is labeled with a symbol that embodies its intentions.

Soothe+ Cool: Blue to connect with the throat chakra and adorned with a triangle, the symbol for water.

Ground + Calm: Green to connect with the heart chakra and adorned with an upright triangle, the symbol for earth.

Energy + Uplift : Red to connect with the root chakra, adorned with an inverted triangle, the symbol for fire


These blends are designed to help the many, including empaths, HSP, star children, spiritual seekers, counsellors, yoga teachers, parents, bosses, managers, RMT's, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors. Basically anyone who spends time in and around stressful, emotional, or challenging places and people.


They are a tool for cleansing and balancing your soul and space. The herbs used have been beneficial in to cleansing and clearing space in all lineages and cultures. Vedic Smudge helps support everyone.


I downloaded the recipes for these smudges to use with clients and in yoga class to clear space and emotions in locations I couldn't otherwise burn herbs. Energy, emotions, and energetic ties all impact using the smudges where ritual and intention is needed more than ever . We all require tools to clear away anything that is disconnecting or distracting from connecting to a deeper truth and wisdom.


To cleanse and balance your soul or space:
1. Shake well and close your eyes.
2. Take a deep breath in, and exhale through your mouth.
3. Become aware of the sensations in your body and room.
4. Spray above your head and allow the mist to collect, clear away, and cleanse cut any ties. Cleanse the aura, the energy, and rebalance your emotions.
Open a door or window and spray in a clockwise direction around the room