Support and Empowerment

For the empaths, sensitive souls, and anyone who feels the energy of a room, a place or another person emotions deeply and leaves having taken them on . Vedic smudge is a tool to help with this. By creating a connection to nature, to ceremony, and tradition.


An empowering blend infused with deep indigenous wisdom.


Ancient Ayurvedic principles of Doshas and Gunas to balance the body and mind.

Create Balance

For clearning auras, cutting chords and clearing rooms and spaces.


For ceremony or for everyday use at work, with clients during yoga or meditation.

The Story : 

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What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s Vedic Smudge. I love empowering others, creating sacred space, and supporting empaths, those who feel deeply, or often take on others' emotions.

Vedic Smudge is a collaborative passion project.

The smudge sprays are a combination of traditional smudging herbs in the form of essential oils, married with the brilliance of Ayurvedic Doshic balancing. They each start with a base that combines traditional herbs used by indigenous cultures and other ancient people for cleansing and clearing. This is similar to any other smudge spray, but where they differ is that they are then broken down into 3 formulas to balance each of the three doshas. So each spray is cleaning and balancing. To different elements.

Vata: Grounding + Calming

Pita: Cooling + Soothing

Kapha: Energizing + Uplifting.

The witchy part: they all are made while deep in ceremony, on the full moon, with rocky mountain spring water, and created with loving healing intentionality.  And can be used daily or during a ceremony. The non-witchy part is they smell amazing and can be used as a room spray or around your body.  All organic, all vegan, and all lovingly crafted in small batches.  I have created 3 sizes one for everyday use or travel, one for your office or personal space and another for large spaces like yoga studios or for multiple people to use  🙂

The Birth of Vedic Smudge

I was first introduced to Smoke smudging at a new age ceremony, and immediately felt a shift. As an Empath, I feel peoples emotions, and would often go away from interactions feeling sad, depressed, or angry but not knowing why I couldn't shake it. So as a Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher/Therapist I would come home from a day of work exhausted, not physically but emotionally, and spiritually, my soul would feel heavy. So I started using smoke smudge at the end of the day.

To say it was life-changing was an understatement. It's amazing how in contrast we feel shifts and changes, it was like I immediately felt a sense of calm of connection to myself and it was as if the emotions and feelings of others were washed away.

It got me to thinking how great this would be if I could use smudge between clients.

Long story short, burning inside doesn't always work ( ehem smoke alarms). So I started investigating liquid smudges. I had already started my journey with elders, beginning to understand that it was not just the smoke, but the plant's wisdom, the traditional and historic collaborative relationship between people and the plants. For the modern-day gardener: did you know the medicinal plants will actually grow in your yard that you specifically need, that there is an unspoken relationship, for example, dandelions will grow when people need liver support.

I had started to look at plants as helpers/ allies and with the support of my mentor, Nikki, I began to create relationships with the herbs and plants. Taking time to get to know each plant, their personality and what medicine they were each bringing forth. As an aromatherapist I started to work with the different essential oils I had already been working with, diving deeper, taking time to meditate and sit in ceremony with each oil. To get to know them as you would a new friend, listening to the wisdom each wanted to share.

Very quickly a collaboration between oils emerged: And the first blend Ground + Calm emerged. As I continued to journey with my oils the additional blends came through.

I took this blend into my client sessions. And clients loved it! So much so, they wanted to buy it.

So Vedic Smudge was born.


Is a topic close to my heart . With this page and product I am hoping to step into right relationship by providing education and awareness in a space where it was/is historically not offered. I am hoping to both model and honor what has been shared generously from my elders  of multiple lineages.

It is with humble willingness to step into a controversial topic and receive feedback that this platform will empower others, while continuing to spark curiosity, educate and share.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to the  Aboriginal Friendship Centre in Calgary. Please read more below.

The Solution

This page and product are in part my homage. The cumulation of that which I know at this time. It is with deep honor and respect for those that have come before. Sharing tools and traditions that have supported me immensely on my own journey . 

So it is with deep gratitude and reverence that I recognize generations of people that were denied their connection to traditional and wisdom and now suffer the generational trauma that comes from this type of experince. People who were forced to sacrificed their tradition, sense of belonging and culture, and often their lives to fight for this wisdom, for these teachings to be preserved. It is done with the acknowledgment that I have not arrived here to this space alone, and that I share this with permission from my teachers, and my lineages, with the intent to share and empower the web of humanity.

The name 'Vedic Smudge' comes from the merging of two ceremonial cultures from which I have had the honour of being immersed in and taught. It is the merging of the power and time-honoured ceremony ritual with my own understanding.

Vedic: From an Ayurveda medical system sourced in India that has been growing in popularity over recent years, it embraces the holistic understanding of body-mind and the spirit interface. Ayurveda in itself is a complete medical system with different approches. Because of this parts and pieces of the system have been pulled out. These parts have often been decontextualized from the system, so can often be misunderstood and utalized incorrectly. A system without its depth or parts is not as powerful as a whole. It is my hope that this is an entry point for many where I can begin to share more of the depth of this wisdom

Smudge: Refers specifically to indigenous cultures of North America and the burning of sacred herbs. As a collaboration between plant, the plants spirit and human , it is an offering to clear, cut ties, bless a person or space, and begin or end a ceremony. The indigenous of North America were forced to stop their spiritual and collective practices, many of which have never been recovered. My elder Emile Gautreau shared a story with me when he toured different reserves during his last cross country trip, where he with sadness was surprized when meeting the different Chiefs that they did not have any eagle feathers or know how to build a sweat lodge.

I was taught by my elders of many different traditions and lineages that what they share with me is meant to be shared with others. What I experience and understand as I learn to read the book of life (experiences) is not for me alone, it is wisdom meant for all.

The burning of herbs as a cleansing method are apparent in all lineages of history, and in all traditions. The intention, the techniques, and the sacred plants themselves are what differ. My goal is to educate and empower and offer a tool to support your journey. By sharing the stories and experiences, I hope to inspire curiosity,  to deepen relationships with the earth, tradition, and self, and reveal a deeper connection to belonging. 

Thank you, Masicho, Gracias, Kob Kan Ka, Terimikashi.



Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Mineral rich, energetically alive, infused with earth energy and wisdom

Made On the Full Moon

Created in alignment with the releasing energies of the full moon . All batches are set out to moon bathe further infusing each blend .

Gemstone Infused

Each bottle contains a Gemstone

Soothe + Cool: Howlite : Creates a clear and calming effect

Ground + Calm : Aventurine : Supports a sense of balance and calm.

Energy + Uplift : Gold stone : Release stuck tension and celebrate the beauty of being alive.

Colour/ Chakra and Symbol Alignment

Soothe + Cool: is blue like water and the throat chakra.  The triangle is the symbol for water.

Ground + Calm : is green like the earth and the heart chakra. The triangle is the symbol for earth

Energy + Uplift : is red like fire and the first chakra. The triangle is the symbol for fire


Empaths, HSP, star children, spiritual seekers, Counsellors, Yoga Teachers, parents, bosses, managers, RMT's, Osteopaths, Chiropractors. Basically anyone who spends time in and around stressful , emotional or challenging places or people


A tool for cleansing and balancing your soul and space. Herbs that have been used to cleanse and clear space in multiple lineages and cultures. Vedic Smudge helps support all people.


 Ritual and intention is needed more than ever . We all need tools to clear away anything that is disconnecting or distracting from our connection to deep truth and wisdom.


To cleanse and balance your soul or space:
Shake well, close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in, and exhale through your mouth.
Become aware of the sensations in your body or room.
Spray above your head and allow the mist to collect, clear away, cut any ties, cleanse the aura, the energy, and rebalance your emotions.
Open a door or window and spray in a clockwise direction around the room

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