Support and Empowerment

For the empaths, sensitive souls, and anyone who feels the energy of a room, a place or another person emotions deeply and leaves having taken them on . Vedic smudge is a tool to help with this. By creating a connection to nature, to ceremony, and tradition.


An empowering blend infused with deep indigenous wisdom.


Ancient Ayurvedic principles of Doshas and Gunas to balance the body and mind.

Create Balance

For clearning auras, cutting chords and clearing rooms and spaces.


For ceremony or for everyday use at work, with clients during yoga or meditation.

Vedic can be purchased at these locations In Calgary


NW Calgary

Wellness on 1st

Blue sky

Dr. Erin Tremblay


SW Calgary

Inhale Massage therapy

Mandorla Yoga


Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Mineral rich, energetically alive, infused with earth energy and wisdom

Made On the Full Moon

Created in alignment with the releasing energies of the full moon . All batches are set out to moon bathe further infusing each blend .

Gemstone Infused

Each bottle contains a Gemstone

Soothe + Cool: Howlite : Creates a clear and calming effect

Ground + Calm : Aventurine : Supports a sense of balance and calm.

Energy + Uplift : Gold stone : Release stuck tension and celebrate the beauty of being alive.

Colour/ Chakra and Symbol Alignment

Soothe + Cool: is blue like water and the throat chakra.  The triangle is the symbol for water.

Ground + Calm : is green like the earth and the heart chakra. The triangle is the symbol for earth

Energy + Uplift : is red like fire and the first chakra. The triangle is the symbol for fire


Empaths, HSP, star children, spiritual seekers, Counsellors, Yoga Teachers, parents, bosses, managers, RMT's, Osteopaths, Chiropractors. Basically anyone who spends time in and around stressful , emotional or challenging places or people


A tool for cleansing and balancing your soul and space. Herbs that have been used to cleanse and clear space in multiple lineages and cultures. Vedic Smudge helps support all people.


 Ritual and intention is needed more than ever . We all need tools to clear away anything that is disconnecting or distracting from our connection to deep truth and wisdom.


To cleanse and balance your soul or space:
Shake well, close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in, and exhale through your mouth.
Become aware of the sensations in your body or room.
Spray above your head and allow the mist to collect, clear away, cut any ties, cleanse the aura, the energy, and rebalance your emotions.
Open a door or window and spray in a clockwise direction around the room

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