December 7, 2018


You can choose a Vedic Smudge a multiple of ways, or you can have it choose you.

  1. Let your nose do the choosing, close your eyes take a deep breath, spray, and see which one feels or smells the best.

  2. Use your intuition, choose based on the colour and design, or use a pendulum or muscle test.

  3. Take a Dosha test and decide based on those results. I’ve created a handy quiz to help highlight your Dosha and give you a recommendation.

Depending on the day, or week, you might need more than one.

If you wake up feeling a bit unmotivated, you might need the ‘Uplift + Energize” spray. Then later in the day, if you get cut off in traffic and feel agitated, you might need a little “Soothe + Cool”  to calm your anger. If you are feeling wound up before bed, use the “Ground + Calm” to unwind. Grab a travel pack and try all three.

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