June 2, 2022


Do you feel fiery, frustrated, or angry?

Do you have things to do and are ready to explode?


This blend is a benefit to anyone who is feeling that everything, or everyone, is annoying. 


Soothe + Cool Smudge will cleanse and balance your soul or space.


Each bottle contains a Howlite stone to further amplify the intention. It is a stone of peace which links us to spiritual dimensions, opening attunement, and preparing the mind to receive insights and wisdom.  The stone is blue in colour, helping you to further identify with your throat chakra, creating a clear and calming effect that enables you to more accurately feel and speak your truths.

An empowering blend of essential oils and resins. Infused with deep wisdom to cleanse, clear, and create balance.

These unique blends unify indigenous smudging traditions with the ancient elements of Ayurveda, leaving you to feel renewed, replenished, and ready.

Made in small batches with loving-kindness during the full moon, on the traditional lands of treaty 7 in Calgary AB.

Thank you, Masicho, Gracias, Kob Kan Ka, Terimikashi.

About the Author

Passionate Mutipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shaman . Creator: Vedic Smudge